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Atlético Ottawa bolster back line with Sergio Camus

One of the biggest advantages of being a club that's affiliated with a parent club as large as Atletico de Madrid is the access it gives to their player system.

Since Atletico Ottawa made its debut in 2020, we've been able to take advantage of promising prospects such as Alberto Soto and Diego Espejo for a season at a time on loan.

Thanks to the Ottawa-Madrid partnership, another player is moving from ATM to ATO on loan. Please welcome to the Capital, Sergio Camus.

25-year old Spanish-born Sergio Camus Perojo has been a mainstay piece for Atletico de Madrid II, where he slots in comfortably as a Right Back, but he has been known to move over into a CB slot if he's needed.

Between 2020 and his departure for Ottawa at the end of July, he racked up an impressive 4284 minutes of field time with ATM II over 53 appearances, including 49 starts.

While Sergio may not be the most dangerous player in the attack, having earned only a single assist in his 125-game long career, he more than makes up for that in his abilities as a defender. As classic a fullback as you could ask for, Camus is a strong player who isn't afraid to throw himself into his tackles.

He is at his best when he is hugging the outside line, waiting for an opposing winger to try a cross before throwing his 5'9 (176cm) frame into the air to head the ball back towards the centre third.

While some may be surprised to see a fullback joining a club with a defense line that is both dependable yet predictable, Sergio has the potential to fill a very important niche that has yet to be addressed; reliable defender depth.

Ottawa currently has an average player age of 26.2, and a defensive unit with half its players over 28. We as a team and as fans have been very lucky with the lack of injuries our team has received, especially when compared to other clubs, but we have to be prepared for that luck to end. Sergio is, in my opinion at least, CarGo's insurance policy. A no-nonsense defender through and through, Camus can come on and cover at the drop of a signed ATO hat.

Coming in at a time where Ivan Perez is still recovering from his pre-transfer injury, and Drew Beckie potentially picking up a knock, Camus has the potential to be the perfect sub-in for Miguel Acosta.

Both Camus and Acosta play in the right back corner, but they play it very differently.

While Acosta is at his best against teams like Edmonton and York where he can bolt down the sides and take some of the forward ball-moving pressure off of our midfield, he does struggle when transitioning to more of a defensive role against teams like Forge or Pacific.

Sergio could definitely take over that position, giving Ottleti a player who can shut down fast and creative wingers.

While he does have plenty of experience as a starter, Camus has yet to play in a top-flight league, with the Canadian Premier League being his first real taste. While this could be a source of concern for others, Sergio joins the club prepared to earn his place. His aerial capabilities and his surprising speed for a Fullback are sure to win over even the most hesitant of fans.

With Yellow Card Accumulation now being a serious concern for a particularly foul-happy Ottawa, Sergio Camus looks to be a fantastic end-of-window signing to bolster our depth as we continue to battle our way into a playoff spot.

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