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Marc Dos Santos was 'incredibly tempted' by Atlético Ottawa job

Former-Fury and Vancouver Whitecaps manager, Marc Dos Santos, says he was 'humbled' by the people he met in Madrid but in the end 'decided to go in another direction'.

The 44-year old had been tipped to take over Atlético Ottawa's the vacant management position having been spotted with CEO Fernando Lopez in Madrid, but a reunion with the man who brought so much success to Ottawa was not to be.

In a recent interview with Soccer Snobs, Dos Santos revealed he had serious talks with the club who almost swayed him to take the role.

"The people from Atlético that I met, they have to worry about Champions League, about Diego Simeone, and yet they are treating this project with so much care and humility," said Dos Santos. "I was incredibly humbled.

"Their commitment to the club was incredible and that was what got me like 'woah, I might do this'. It's great for Ottawa fans to know just how committed Atlético Ottawa is."

Dos Santos explained that he left Ottawa with a "warm heart" but despite the temptation has taken another role.

Giving advice to aspiring coaches, the 44-year old said to look for "what's going to fulfill you."

"Look where you're going to have influence, where in the every day you're going to feel like that's where you want to be," he said. "Me that's what I looked for right now and that's why I'm really happy where I'm going."

Dos Santos' next role is set to be announced in the "next week".

Atlético Ottawa are expected to announce the players returning for the 2022 season this week but as of yet, there is no further news on who the coach will be.

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