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'Pay what you can' initiative returns for Atlético Ottawa Home Opener 🇺🇦

Everything you need to know ahead of Atlético Ottawa's home opener, in less than two weeks time.

Atlético Ottawa have announced the return of their popular 'Pay what you can' initiative for their 2022 home opener, with an added element showing the club's finger is edging closer to the pulse.

The usual motley crew of President Jeff Hunt, Mayor Jim Watson and co. addressed the press on Monday afternoon to announce that all the proceeds of their home opener would be going to the "Ministry of Social Policy for Ukraine special funds for humanitarian assistance".

A move that is, in the uber-political government town that is the Canadian Capital City, sure to go down particularly well. Canada, like the United States and Poland, are a country with the highest percentage of Ukrainian diaspora and the conflict that has shaken people around the globe has resonated throughout the nation.

Sitting so far away, geographically, reduces the immediate 'hands on' impact the average citizen can do. This initiative - as minute as it may be in the grand scheme of things - allows you to do something. You decide how much you want to donate to the cause.

Atléti's alternative kit

The introduction of alternative kits for the day, bright yellow with blue trimmings (a stark contrast to the Atlético colours we've seen thus far), is a bold move. The purist in me says 'keep your colours for the first game' but the human being in me applauds the powerful symbol that these colours will represent in the current global climate.

Sport is often an escape from the real world and many don't like seeing it intertwined with 'politics'. However, even if you feel that way, I think we can all agree there are exceptions.

Getting ready for the season

As anticipation builds there are a few things you can get involved with ahead of the season kicking off on Saturday April 9, 2022:

1️⃣ CCSG LIVE Season Preview (on YouTube)

For the second year running, CCSG will be hosting a Season Preview live on our YouTube Channel, on Thursday March 31, 2022 at 7pm. Don't miss this the fan generated event (the only LIVE Supporters Group content across the CPL!) to get you in the mood for the upcoming season.

We will have supporters panels discussing hopes and aspirations for the coming year with predicted line-ups for the home opener, you'll see the much beloved MDO duo Eddie Benhin and Brandon Adibae with the low-down on all of CCSG's upcoming events.

You will also be introduced to some new content that we'll be releasing this year AND we even have a special guest (or two).

Check out last years video here.

2️⃣ Joint Supporters Group Chant Night

Whether you attended no games or every game last season this is a great opportunity for you to brush up on the old chants and even learn some new ones!

Head down to the Brewer Park car park at 7pm on Saturday April 2, 2022 to meet up with some of CCSG and BBSC's most creative members who have worked tirelessly all off-season to bring you some of the best chants you'll hear in the Canadian Premier League all season.

From player specific to the easy ones you'll be chanting away each time you attend.

For the full 'Chant Bible', which will be updated throughout the season, click here.

3️⃣ Joint Supporters Group March for the Opening Day

Just like last year, we'll be meeting at the Senate Tavern on Bank St from 12pm onwards on the day of the home opener. That is Saturday April 9, 2022.

Come down, grab a beverage and maybe even some food, let the atmosphere build and then join the fans as we bang our drums and let out voices be heard all the way up to the stadium.

You don't need to be a season ticket holder or even a supporters group member to be welcomed with open arms at any of these events.

Come and join us as we keep indoctrinating the city of Ottawa to the European-style footballing atmosphere that is only going to become more and more popular with the men's National Team securing their place in the FIFA World Cup later this year.

The March will begin at 2pm (14h) and we will take you to the gate where, as season ticket holders, you can collect your membership bag with all the perks you've paid for.

It's going to be a phenomenal CPL season and CCSG will welcome anyone who wants to get involved, in any capacity, with the warmest embrace. Don't hesitate, reach out, speak to our members and join the footballing revolution.

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